Spove Manicure Sets Cuticle Pusher Remover, Cuticle Cutter, nail file, Toenail Clippers, Nail Clippers Care Tools Kits in Tin Box Spove

  • The Cuticle Nipper Tools is 4 in 1 nail-care kit. One cuticle nipper, One Cuticle Pusher Remover,one Toenail Clippers ,and one Nail Clippers,which make you save money. Not only for daily personal care ,but for nail art.
  • These professional- quality cuticle pusher tools make cuticle care easy. Simple and Safe to use. All The cuticle nipper tools are heavy duty and sharpened,sharp blade makes cuticle nipper for hard dead skin effectively
  • Toenail Clippers for Thick and Ingrown Nails.No-Slip Trimming, the handle gives you plenty of leverage and more control ,ideal for clipping your toenails is faster and less painful.
  • The Manicure Kits come with a special-made Tin box ,this gives you a handy place to store the tools, make all the tools from dust and bacterium; also makes the set a great gift for friends and family.
  • All the Nails care tools are made of high grade stainless steel.Easy to clean and sanitize. Simply wipe the clippers with alcohol after use, let it dry and store for next use.
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