Super Nano Pro Liquid Screen Protector for All Smart Phones and Tablets - Scratch and Shatter Resistant Glass Protection (iPhone X, XS, Max; Pixel 3, XL; & Samsung Galaxy Note 9), Universal Super Nano Pro

$13.99 (FREE Shipping)
  • Universal compatibility (including iPhone x, XS, XS Max; Pixel 3 & 3 XL; & Samsung Galaxy Note 9): protects all Tech device screens, curved or flat, including all Apple, Samsung, Sony, and other branded phones, tablets, camera screens and lenses, e readers, Amazon Kindle and LCD screens
  • Nand technology creates an invisible, protective coating that bonds to the device's glass, making the screen scratch and shatter resistant, 9H on Mohs scale of hardness. Watch the hammer drop tests to see for yourself: supernanopro.Com
  • Easy, wipe on application: clean the screen with the included Glass cleaner, wipe on the Super Nano Pro product with the included towelette, let dry overnight, and then polish to a shine The next morning with the included microfiber towel. No fuss, no mess
  • Invisible protector: 100percentage clear and undetectable after application. Super Nano Pro does not affect the functionality or touch of the screen in any way. No sticking, no peeling, No bubbles, and no voided device warranties
  • Money back guarantee: there are a lot of liquid screen protectors on the market, But Super Nano Pro is the real deal. If you are not 100percentage satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your purchase in full, No questions asked. Try Super Nano Pro Today
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