Wifi Smart Plug, Swiftrans Wireless switch, Remote Control your Devices from Anywhere, Compatible with Alexa Swiftrans

  • WORKS WITH ALEXA FOR VOICE CONTROL: Hands-Free Voice Control with Alexa. When paired with Amazon Alexa, Swiftrans smart plug gives you hands-free voice control over your devices. Turn your devices on or off using just your voice.
  • CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE: Your Smart Plug can be controlled through your existing Wi-Fi network via the free Jinvoo Smart App. Download the app to your smartphone or tablet. Then control your devices globally with Wi-Fi access. No Hub or monthly fees required.
  • SCHEDULE AUTOMATICALLY: With the scheduling benefits of a Smart Plug, you could better control your daily activities. Turn on/off your devices based on specific time you set, like schedule the air-condition to turn on before you arrive.
  • AWAY MODE: Protects your home better than a mechanical timer. In ¡°Away Mode¡±, your lights will turn on and off randomly to confuse potential intruders and make it look like somebody is home.
  • EASY TO USE: Download and install the Jinvoo Smart App for eighther Ios or Adroid, launch it and paring with your smartphone or tablet,then your life will be different.
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