Synology DS418play NAS Review 2018

This article is to review Synology DiskStation DS418play NAS from packaging, specifications and software.

Are you still paying for extra iCloud storage or using physical backup discs to keep your pictures or files and still worried about not have enough room? Synology DiskStation DS418play NAS can save you out of this. This device is quite useful for individuals or small business owners. Here let’s start to take a thorough research at its design, specifications and software.


•Easy to assemble

•Expandable memory

•Better features with X86 Architecture model

•Fast transcoding with thumbnails


•No eSATA Port

•Make sure you don’t lose keys if the NAS is locked


First of all, the box comes with following items:

DS418play Unit;

Screws for mounting 2.5’’ SSDs;

2 Drive Bay Keys;

AC Power Adapter (90W);

AC Power Cord;

2 Ethernet Cables;

Quick Installation Guide.

This time Synology removes the mirror front panel. The four drive trays can be seen from the outside directly. This not only helps users to change drives more conveniently but also uses the gaps between each tray as an air inlet which helps to enhance the heat radiate. As it has spring inside, you just need to lift from the bottom of the drive bay panels and they will slide out easily. If you have naughty children in the house, you can lock the trays with the key included in the package in case they try to open it, but make sure you don’t lose the key! If you have 3.5’’ drive then you can slide it in easily, while the 2.5’’ drive needs screws in the accessory package to be fixed in the tray.

On the right side from up to down, there are a status LED and four disc LEDs, a USB 3.0 port and a power button.

Both sides of Synology DS418play have the classic Synology logo which helps to provide air flow.

On the back of DS418play there are two exhaust fans which works very quietly, and you can control the fan speed in the DiskStation Manager (DSM) software. Below are dual Gigabit Ethernet ports which can aggregate the connection of up to 2 gigabits, a USB 3.0 port which can be used with UPS power or USB sound card, and a power connector port. On the right side it has a lock location that you can secure your NAS with a security cable in case it is taken away. Nice design for small businesses especially to prevent losing data storage.

Pulling off the drive trays and see through the inside, you will find a 2GB DDR3 RAM on the right side and you can add another one to get up to 6GB worth of storage.


The Synology DS418play upgrades to the latest Intel Celeron J3355 dual core 2 GHz CPU that runs at up to 2.5 GHz. It has a 2 GB DDR3L RAM and you can upgrade to 6 GB. With the AES-NI hardware acceleration, the highest I/O speed rate can be over 226 MB/s when the Internet supports link aggregation. The DS418play also supports the 4K transcoding. The new models of four bays Synology NAS are DS418J, DS418, DS418play and DS916+, from low to high specifications. The difference among them is that the former two have ARM processor while the latter two use Intel X86 architecture. So if you have high demand on performance, you’d better go for the latter two models.


The DSM operating system is very useful in many ways. Not only can it store and share the data files, but also has Collaboration Suite including Office, Calendar and Chat, etc. to help you at work. Here I will show some of the software that I use most frequently.

1. Drive

This is one of the highlights in Synology DS418play as it combines the Office, File Station and Cloud Station from the former versions, therefore it is more practical to use.

First you can go to the Package Center to download it.

As the Cloud Station Server is included in the Drive, there will be a notice to tell you that it will be replaced by the Drive, just click yes and continue the installation. After it is done, you’d better restart NAS otherwise there may be some authorization issue.

The Drive Window is like below. You can upload the file here and create the share link to others to view and download the file.

After you install the Office package, you can click on the “+” button on the top and add it in the Drive. The document or spreadsheet is just like the desktop version.

2. Moments

If you have lots of photos like me, this would be an essential feature for you. The best part of Moments is that the Albums have categories like People, Subjects and Tags etc. to keep your photos in order.

This is the main screen when the photo hasn't been added.

Then I downloaded some photos online.

And these photos are identified as different subjects like sky, ocean, canyon and so on. They can be arranged by different people, different locations as well. This is a pretty nice feature to sort photos out.

Apart from these two features, the DSM has other powerful functions like File Server/Management and Desktop Backup, etc. with an intuitive user interface. You can see File Sharing, Connectivity, System and Applications in the Control Panel.

For further information, you can check Synology website.

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