THRIV3 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit/Bag (4-Person, Black) THRIV3

$189.99 $289.99
Color: Black
Size: 4-Person2-person See More Choice
  • 35% OFF! NEW YEAR SPECIAL PRICING! Regularly $289.99 for 3-DAY EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS FOR 4 PEOPLE - This premium emergency survival bag will give you all the supplies you need to thrive during times of need.
  • FIRST RATE QUALITY SUPPLIES - THRIV3 has partnered with many superior brands to provide you with necessary tools, peace of mind, and the confidence you need to get through any emergency or natural disaster. Brands included in the THRIV3 3-day survival pack are: Mountain House Freeze Dried Food, Sawyer Water Filter, InstaFire, First-Aid Only, and Coghlan's.
  • WATER, FOOD, AND FIRE - Each THRIV3 emergency survival pack includes the essential supplies you will need to have in times of need. Each kit includes 24 servings of Mountain House Freeze Dried Food with a 25-year shelf-life, a Sawyer MINI Water Filtration System that filters up to 100,000 gallons of water removing 99.99999% of all bacteria and protozoa, and 2 packs of InstaFire giving you the ability to light 8 fires in 72-hours.
  • The THRIV3 3-Day Emergency Survival Pack includes: 1 large backpack, 1 Sawyer Water Filter, 81-piece First-Aid Kit, 4 Cyalume Glowsticks, 2 LED Flashlights, 1 LED Lantern, 1 Pot, 1 Stove, 24 Fuel Tablets, 4 Bowls, 4 Utensils, 24 Mountain House Food Servings, 1 Knife,1 Ferrocerium Rod, 2 InstaFire Packs, 4 Whistles, 8 HandyBath Wipes, 3 yds. of Paracord, 4 Emergency Blankets, 8 Handwarmers, 4 Ponchos, and 4 Pairs of Gloves
  • TOOLS, GEAR, and FIRST-AID - The THRIV3 72-hour emergency survival kit is equipped with what you need to be prepared in any emergency. Each pack includes an 81-piece first-aid kit (bandages, ointment, gauze, tape, sanitary gloves, and pain relievers), 3 different light sources (Cyalume glowsticks, LED Flashlights, LED Lantern), essential survival tools (Morakniv, ferrocerium rod, HandyBath Wipes, whistles, paracord) and gear to keep you warm (emergency blankets, handwarmers, gloves, and ponchos)
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