LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit - Headlights Bulbs H4(9003) 60W 9600lm 6000k White 3 Years Warranty TIREUIS

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  • 1.LED Headlight bulb can be installed quickly, is very simple, plug and play, no need to modify the original car lines, non-destructive installation, positive and negative poles are not separated, the entire process takes about 15 to 20 minutes, no different from the installation of OEM halogen headlight bulb , Remove the old light bulb, insert a new LED light bulb, connect the front light wire harness to the LED front light harness;
  • 2.Difference is that the OEM halogen lamps are white light. The light emitted from them is brighter and the viewing angle is wider. The beam is very clean and consistent. The opposite drive will not flash to you. The top Philips Lumileds ZES chip is resistant to 200°C. Highlights 9600lm (4800lm / Pcs), 6000K white light, 3 times brighter than halogen light, 200M effective distance, service life of over 50,000 hours, no black spots, no short beam, no scattered light.
  • 3.It produces moderate heat, which is not unusual. The intelligent variable frequency fan technology, low temperature, high speed and high temperature, stop the fan, the light is still working. It will not let your lamp have any moisture or water droplets;
  • 4.IP68, completely protected against foreign matter and dust, works properly under water; yes, you buy more than this bulb product itself. It also includes our three-year warranty service. When you need it, we will serve you for the first time;
  • 5.It can be matched with 99.9% of models on the market correctly. If your car has problems after installation, don't worry, you just need to install a CANBUS to solve the problem; because of the size of the cooling fan on the back, you may need to make There is plenty of space for the fan; only about 0.1% of the models need to replace the holder base, and may need to trim or replace the rubber dust cover to fit the back of the lamp, if you need it, you will have to buy extra.
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