The Most Popular Wireless Headphones for 2018

Looking for the best wireless headphones around? Check out our guide first!

If traveling is too expensive or time-consuming, but you really need to relax out of stressful workdays, it's perfectly fine to get one premium wireless headphone, which can create quite environment for you and peace for your heart.

No.1: Sony MDR-1000X

Sony has been using a similar design on its premium headphones for some time now. The simplistic design is elegant and beautiful, swivel folding earcups make it easy to store your headphones in a suitcase, the band is strong and adjustable, making the headphone sturdy and comfortable to wear.

The MDR-1000x uses high-quality materials, a synthetic leather covering over the outside of the ear capsule, Sony has made the right earcup touch-activated, the outside of the right earcup is a touch sensitive panel, it controls volume, play / pause, track seek, answer phone calls etc. The MDR-1000x also adopts Industry-leading noise cancelling technology, the sound quality is great and just like the artist intended. There are 3 noise canceling mode types to suit all kinds of environments whether you're sitting on a plane, a train or an office room, the AI noise canceling function analyzes the ambient noise and sets the most effective noise canceling mode automatically, so you can enjoy purer music wherever you are.

No.2: Bose SoundLink AE

The Bose SoundLink around-ear headphones II features NFC Bluetooth pairing, it’s more convenient and free to use without the cable. If you have to make or answer phone calls when in a noisy or windy environments, you don’t have to put your lips closer to the device, an advanced dual microphone system with HD Voice will provide clarity.

The SoundLink Around-Ear Bluetooth headphones II also boasts a combination of TriPort technology and Active EQ, which delivers sound that’s crisp and strong at any volume, so you can be truly moved by your music as you move with it. The performance of Bose SoundLink AE is so compelling, you'll want to listen for hours.

No.3:  Beats Solo3

Beats is a young audio brand which set up in 2006, it has released series of fashionable on-ear headphones, in-ear headphones and speakers. Beats Solo3 Wireless on-ear headphones might be the most well-known among other Beasts products. The sound is full of appealing. Beats Acoustic Engine uses precision sound to deliver music the way artists want it to be heard and gives you an intimate, real encounter with your music.

Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones deliver up to 40 hours of battery life driven by the efficiency of the Apple W1 chip. Or, with Fast Fuel, a quick 5-minute charge provides 3 hours of playback to quickly get you back on track.

No.4: Sennheiser MOMENTUM

Sennheiser MOMENTUM Wireless headphones is comfortable and delicately built. It features an iconic design using premium components like a stainless steel headband, which can be folded for easy and compact storage in the supplied premium carry case. Meanwhile the headband of the Momentum Wireless is sandwiched between different textures of leather for comfort. New, slightly larger ear cups using ergonomically designed, leather covered memory foam cushions provide extreme comfort for long listening sessions.

The headset is available in either black or cream white, both feature a strong minimalist design that fits in with our everyday style.