Top 11 Essentials for Dog Owners to Keep Your Dog Safe and Healthy

From food bowls to crates, check out the 11 essentials for keeping your dog safe, healthy and happy.

The saying goes that “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” So if you’ve adopted a new dog, congratulations! You are about to embark on a great friendship. Dog is family, as dog parents we should offer some dog essentials to make sure they are happy and comfortable, safe and healthy. Take a look at the following items. It’s not an exhaustive list and you certainly don’t need everything but we think you and your new dog will be a lot happier with these few things.

1. A Dog Crate

  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Double-door design for convenient front and side entry
  • 2 Minutes set up & folds flat for storage
  • 6k+ sold

Having descended from wild wolves, dogs have a natural desire to sleep in a den. Crate is an ideal “den” for your dog. It gives dogs a sense of security, so they can feel calm and comfortable in their own pad. When selecting a crate, remember, bigger is not better. Choose the option that suits their size and breed.

2. Dog Bedding

  • Tufted, Plush Polyfiber Cushion
  • Quality made and long lasting 
  • Non-skid bottom surface to prevent moving and shifting
  • 100% Machine Washable
Dog crates might look cold when you first research them, but the idea is to turn the outer crate's inside in to a warm, comfortable and cozy bed to help your new friend feel safe and secure. Dogs need a comfortable spot to sleep just like us. A good bed provides insulation, support for our backs and joints, warmth, and a feeling of security. When a dog has a bed of his own, he gets all of these benefits and more.

3. Two Bowls

  • Feature meal-lengthening ridges and valleys that prevent indigestion 
  • High-quality, food-safe ABS plastic 
  • Available in two sizes so all dogs can play with their food

Your new friends need to drink or eat something, so bowl is an important part of your dogs basic nutritional health. There are so much bowls on the market today. While your dog doesn't really care what kind of bowls he has to lap from. But to keep your dog healthy, be sure the bowls you choose are durable and safe.

4. Premium Dog Food

  • U.S. Farm-Raised Beef is the #1 Ingredient
  • Combined with wholesome brown rice, vegetables and added vitamins & minerals.

Your dog is a part of the family, so he deserves healthy, delicious food. A responsible dog owner will know well about the best food your dog needs (wet food, dry food or a combo!) If you go with dry, make sure the #1 ingredient is meat(beef, chicken, etc.) not rice or other grains.

5. Dog Treats

  • Delicious 
  • Contains only premium, all natural ingredients
  • Made in north America and trusted for over 90 years

Whether you need to train your dog or you just want to add a little excitement to your dog’s day,  treats certainly is a must have. Like we love chocolate or sweets, while they don’t have so much nutritional value as regular dog food, but they taste nice. Treats can often be a very fun and effective tool for dog training. For instance, if you train your dog to pee or poop in one spot and he does it, you give him a treat. You're rewarding his good behavior. 

6.Collar & ID tag

  • Elegant and simple
  • 6 colors available 

A pet owner's worst fear is losing a beloved companion. Actually this can happen to anyone, because, even with proper fencing, there's no guarantee your pet won't get out. So it's important that dogs wear collars at all times and all dogs should wear an identification tag on their collar in case they get lost.

7. A Strong 6 ft. Leash

  • Double layer nylon leash
  • Lightweight and durable
  • 6-foot length
  • 2k+ sold

When you take your dog out for a walk, don’t forget put your dog on a durable leash. Leashes can prevent your dog from chasing animals, people, or cars. It’s important for both your dog’s and your own safety. Many experts agree that six feet is the optimal length for training and walking. It’s long enough to allow space, but short enough for owners and handlers to retain control.

8. Poop Bags and Holder

You need to have these when you can head out to the park but it’s good to have a stash at home for cleaning your backyard and for any accidents (there will be many) on your toilet-training journey.

9. Toys

  • The KONG Classic is the gold standard of dog toys
  • Recommended by vets & trainers worldwide.
As dog parents, toys are not a luxury, but a necessity. Dogs love to chase, chew and play with toys. Toys not only keep the dog physically active and healthy, but also make them happy. Be sure to buy toys of appropriate size for your dog. Toys that are too small can easily be swallowed or become lodged in your dog's throat.

10. Shampoo

  • 100% natural
  • Does not irritate or inflame your dog's eyes or nose.

There's nothing quite like burying your nose in your dog's coat when they're smelling clean and fresh! So a bottle of dog shampoo means a lot. Bathing you dog regularly is a great way to keep him clean and healthy.

11. Grooming Tools

Dog grooming supplies are necessary in order to keep up with your dog's grooming needs. Physical maintenance, like care of coat and nails, is one of your dog's basic needs. When choosing general supplies for your dog, do not forget the grooming equipment.