Top Recommended 55" - 65" 4K UHD Televisions for Quality, Value, and Budget

Looking for the best 4K TV to suit your budget? This selection of the top recommended should help.

Buying a TV is quite a hard purchase, since there are many types of TV on the market. With so many options out there, it’s not always as easy as you’d think to find the right TV with good quality, value and reasonable cost for 2017. Personally, 4k UHD can be the best choice for your room now. With prices falling, 4K content options expanding, and features such as high-dynamic range (HDR) becoming more widespread. If you're ready to take the leap to 4K UHD, these 4 models are your best bets.

LG Electronics OLED55C7P 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2017 Model)

  • 55-inch Ultra HD TV with OLED lighting
  • HDR 10, HLG, Dolby Vision HDR support

The LG OLED C7 – available in both 55 and 65-inch iterations, may be the most affordable OLED model and the best-performing TV from LG’s 2017 range. This model delivers perfect black levels, wide viewing angles, accurate color and has the best image quality you’ve ever seen. The LG OLED C7 is also the best TV for gamer, it features stunningly low latency for a fabulous gaming experience. Thanks to its virtually instant response time, fast motion looks incredibly fluid and crisp. If you want a slightly flashier design with a curved stand, and also you like playing game with less lag, The LG OLED C7 will be a wonderful option for you.

Samsung Q7F QLED

You probably haven't heard of Samsung's "QLED" line, Samsung has called its new TVs QLED because they use quantum dot technology on an LED panel. Quantum dot + LED = QLED. QLED has replaced SUHD at the top of Samsung's TV line-up in 2017. Now the QLED TVs deliver super-bright, colorful HDR performance, beautiful designs and more affordable price, with the Samsung Q7F leading the charge as the manufacturer’s entry-level set. Overall Samsung Q7F QLED is a great HDR TV! The screen is uniform and input lag is low, but the narrow viewing angles will cause problems if viewed from up close. If you don’t mind a few insignificant issues, Samsung’s Q7F is an excellent option.

Sony XBR65X900E 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

  • 65-inch Ultra HD TV with OLED lighting
  • HDR 10, HLG, Dolby Vision HDR support

If you're not a big fan of OLED or simply want a brighter TV, the Sony XBR65X930E is perfect. It's one of Sony’s best 65-inch 4K Ultra HD LED backlit TVs for 2017. It doesn't have blacks as deep as what an OLED TV can do, but goes further than just using a direct LED lighting system, and it’s enough to deliver a mostly very impressive picture. Overall, the Sony XBR65X930E is sure to please most customers, its price point is compelling, picture quality is great, and its well-executed local dimming feature makes it a great choice for HDR. It's the best alternative to OLEDs if they are out of your budget.

TCL P-Series (55P607)

  • Dolby Vision HDR
  • 72 Zone HDR Contrast Control
  • Wide Color Gamut with Advanced LED Phosphor
  • Roku TV Smart Platform with thousands of streaming channels
  • Enhanced Remote with Voice Search and Private Listening
  • Available in 50, 55, and 65 inch sizes.

TCL’s P-Series delivers powerful picture performance by combining Dolby Vision, the premium HDR experience, with advanced display technologies that offer superior contrast and brighter, more accurate colors. This model has adopted Roku as its primary smart TV provider – which was a great decision considering how easy Roku’s platform is to use. It also has low motion blur and input lag, making it a versatile choice suitable for sports and video games as well. Overall TCL P-Series 55P607 is the best value TV of 2017.