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PromoPure Trademarks
Trademark is not only the sign, but also the exclusive property of PromoPure, and is protected by intellectual property rights and applicable legislation around the world. PromoPure requires trademarks of our corporate can be used properly. Any commercial use, including the reproduction, modification, distribution and transmission of any content is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of PromoPure.

PromoPure strives to ensure full compliance with intellectual property law and guard against any trademark violations, we also respects the trademarks rights of others. If you're concerned that someone may be using your trademark in an infringing way on our site and wish to make a complaint, you can email us at support(at)

Please include the following details in your trademark compliant mail.

•Report your trademark complaint in writing registration/application numbers, the registration country and the owner.

•Provide detail contact information (full name, email address and phone number);

•Report specific content to let us know which user or brand that infringes your trademark rights, you can provide screenshots or e.g. URL (******)

•Report specific content infringing how the trademark is allegedly infringed;

We'll review your complaint email and take whatever action we deem appropriate.

PromoPure Trade
Now, PromoPure mainly focus on the recommendation and collection of online Sales and Deals with high price-performance ratios. But for most customers, it’s hard to find out the high cost products through massive online shopping information, and PromoPure will help you by updating the valuable products on sale in a timely way.

In PromoPure, you can spend less, without sacrificing much in terms of quality.

PromoPure is only used to introduce and recommend Deals and Sales and will serve every user in the spirit of being fair and open.

Third-party partners may provide deals and sales services to you through our Services. When you visit our site, you may be routed through to the third-party’s website, where you will complete the purchase. After all, it’s the customer who decides whether to buy or not to buy.

PromoPure can’t guarantee that the recommended Deals and Sales have the lowest price in the market, we can never make sure the product you are interested is always on sale. So customers could follow PromoPure or pay close attention to the notices, updates messages or emails about your requests for certain products, sales and deals, services, and events offered by PromoPure.