Tweezers Precision Slant Tip – 4 Piece Stainless Steel Eyebrows Splinters Tweezers Lifestance

$10.00 (FREE Shipping)
  • Lifestance adorable set of stainless steel tweezers tools feature four different tips. For unwanted hairs in hard-to-pluck places, give the angled tip a try. For thick and shorter hairs opt for a flatter tip, while a pointed tip nips stubborn strands in the bud, a slanted point acts with precision.
  • Crafted from highest quality stainless steel and featuring a slanted tip for an all-around perfect pluck, these tweezers will instantly become your grooming go-to.
  • Lifestance precision-crafted tool makes shaping and contouring your brows a breeze. Specifically designed to make removing eyebrow hairs faster and easier, lifestance tweezers tool delivers professional-looking results each and every time.
  • Revitalize your beauty routine with brightly tinted precision tools, fun collectibles, and the power of pluck. Sharpen up your plucking game with a high-brow, precision tweezers NOW!
  • For best results, apply a damp, warm washcloth to brows to open pores. Position tweezers comfortably in hand and grasp a single strand of hair as close to the base as possible. Slant tip encourages pulling in the direction of hair growth for ultimate shaping, and point tip effectively removes even the tiniest stray hair.
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