Best Tweezers,Set of 2 Professional Stainless Steel Slant Tip Tweezer, 1] A Regular size Tweezer, 2] A Pointed Tweezers. TWEEZTY

  • SHAPE YOUR EYEBROWS PRECISELY AND BEAUTIFULLY: Get your hands on Slant Tweezer which is known for its precision to expertly & effectively shape your eyebrows to give it the style you desire.
  • COMES WITH A MATTE FINISH FOR A NON-SLIP GRIP: Slant Tweezer comes with a unique matte finish which will give you a non-slip grip that is essential while you shape your eyebrows.
  • PRECISION ALIGNED SLANT TIPS MADE OF STAINLESS STEEL: Slant Tweezer has its tips precision aligned for being flexible with all your tweezing needs and is made of stainless steel for its excellent durability and corrosion-resistant properties.
  • LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: The Slant Tweezers that you get are made of excellent quality and will never let you down ever. We assure this with our lifetime money back guarantee on its quality.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Set of 2 professional stainless steel slant tip tweezers. 1) A regular size tweezer (3.75 inch), 2) A Pointed Tweezer Matte finish with a non-slip grip. Tip material - stainless steel.
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