Johnny Apple Peeler with Suction Base, Stainless Steel Blades, Red Cast Iron Body | Apple Slicer, Corer, Parer and Pie Maker VKP1010 Victorio Kitchen Products

$24.95 $26.99
  • CAST IRON: Heavy, sturdy enamel-coated Cast Iron body for superior performance and durability versus low-cost light aluminum or steel copycat peelers
  • STRONG SUCTION BASE: Firmly grips smooth, non-porous surfaces
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY: Comprehensive warranty covers all parts, even the replacement of the stainless steel Coring/Slicing Blade and the adjustable Peeling Blade
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADES: Performance of the sharp cutting edges of the high quality stainless steel blades is warranted for 5 full years
  • 3-WAY OPERATION: Choose to peel, or core and slice, or peel, core and slice at the same time
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