WODFitters WOD Flex Joint Support Supplement - Glucosamine 1500 mg + Chondroitin + MSM + Other Natural Ingredients Help with Joint Health and Sports Performance (90 Capsules) WODFitters

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  • Cross Training, Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting can be tasking on your joints. That's why the WODFitters WOD Flex proprietary blend of natural ingredients has been formulated to assist with joint support and flexibility.
  • This joint support formula contains 1500mg of Glucosamine which helps keep cartilage in joints healthy, supports sports injury recovery and ease knee and low back pain.
  • Chondroitin reduces pain and increases joint mobility.
  • Take your training to the next level with WOD Flex and keep your joints feeling healthy and strong.
  • WOD Flex helps support maximum flexibility, range of motion, joint lubrication, and maintenance for healthy cartilage and connective tissue.
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