Zosar Bluetooth Car Adapter Kit | Wireless Connection With Cell Phone, Music Streaming, Noise Isolator, Quality Audio, USB Charger, Built-In Mic, All Cell Phone Models Compatible (AUX Port Required) Zosar

  • ✔HANDS-FREE EASY TO USE - 'Zosar' presents this Bluetooth Car Adapter that keeps you connected with the world and lets you enjoy the music while you are driving. Receive important phone calls and stream your favorite songs, audio books etc. This unit wirelessly connects to your Bluetooth-enabled Smartphone or tablet etc, allowing phone calls and music to be routed to your car's speaker system, while the dashboard-mounted receiver's built-in microphone allows for safe, hands-free talking.
  • ✔MUSIC WITH ULTRA SOUND QUALITY - When the system is not in use with speakerphone for calls, it can seamlessly switch over to play the music that is stored on your phone or device using the car's stereo system. You can enjoy the music with enhanced quality sound with clarity that is adjustable volume control. You do not have to keep on switching between radio stations or waiting out commercials you do not like. Also now no more road noises that affects audio transmission capability.
  • ✔SIMPLE PLUG-IN DEVICE - Bluetooth technology helps you to enjoy high-quality sound and convenience in seconds. Simply insert the power plug into the cigarette lighter socket, plug the 3.5 mm audio output cable into the car stereo's AUX IN jack, and turn on the stereo. Then attach the mounting disc at your convenient location on the dashboard, and place the Bluetooth receiver magnetically against the mounting disc.
  • ✔AUTOMATICALLY PAIRS WITH DEVICE - On this Bluetooth Car Adapter simply press the receiver button for pairing mode, then turn on your phone's Bluetooth, and select Bluetooth kit. An LED indicator light and audible tone will let you know the device and receiver are paired and ready to use. The receiver will remember the last device it was paired to. It can only be paired to one device at a time, but it's easy to switch to any different device.
  • ✔ CONTROLS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - Music will automatically pause when you get a phone call with the ringtone start sounding over the car's stereo speakers. Answer, ignore, or end a call, all with large function button on the receiver. Calls could aslo be put on hold and you can switch between calls. Once a call is over, music will automatically start playing again; to pause or skip to the next song, simply press the button.
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