footinsole Gel Arch Support Shoe Insoles - Ideal as High Heel Insoles or Shoe Pad FOOTINSOLE.COM

  • HIGH HEEL ARCH SUPPORT - Not only look amazing with your high heels but feel amazing too - most high heels or pumps put your feet into unnatural position and result in unnecessary pressure/stress on the ball of the forefoot, arches and heel. Our high heel foot pads help support your arches effectively, prevent unwanted injuries and help relieve pain.
  • BETTER FOOT CARE - Some people can't avoid wearing fashionable shoes that are extremely uncomfortable while others have FALLEN ARCHES - both result in uneven pressure distribution, thus causing soreness, tiredness and fatigue in the feet. The unwanted pressure on the toes, forefoot or heels also results in other problems like corns, callouses & blisters - with our simple arch support insert, you can smartly manage these problems without worrying about them everyday.
  • SELF-ADHESIVE, REUSABLE & VERSATILE - No special tools or skills required for installing these gel pads into your shoes - the self adhesive pads could be sticked effortlessly inside any shoes and offer instant arch support - be it boots, high heels, pumps, casuals or formals. It is equally easier to remove the gel pad without damaging the shoes, and the same can be reused too.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - Designed to be NON-SLIP, our foot pads are made from medical grade silicone, offer maximum comfort, a superior grip for the forefoot, and discourage growth of any odour causing bacteria. The comfortable touch and feel, and relaxing gentle massaging action make these gel foot insoles a desirable all day companion. One size fits all!
  • 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. However, we are quite sure that you will be super impressed by its ability to effectively relieve pain, easy to use thoughtful design, the fact that it can fit in a wide range of shoes types, and the way it helps your feet recover faster from fatigue.
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