iPad Air 2: Still The Best All-Around iPad

Apple iPad Air 2 is an impressive device released a few years ago, but it's still the best all-around iPad you can buy.

The iPad Air 2 is the Apple's most valuable tablet yet, and is incredibly thin and light. It's a solid upgrade over its predecessor Air, even in this iPad Pro era, the iPad Air 2 still delivers the best bang for the buck. It should definitely be one of your top tablet considerations.

The Apple iPad Air 2 is no longer available from Apple, with the company replacing the popular model with a new update - simply called the “iPad”. So you can't buy the iPad Air 2 directly from Apple anymore, but you can find it at other retailers around the world and if you take your time to search around you'll likely find it much cheaper.

The iPad Air 2 is a stunning tablet when it comes to design. It is ludicrously thin at just 6.1mm, and light, too, at 437g while adding a 3G/4G modem results in 444 g. That’s a whole 1.4mm slimmer and 32g lighter than its predecessor and the same size and weight as ipad pro. But it’s not an unhealthy skinny, actually the iPad Air 2 is a very solid tablet that can be held easily for hours.

The iPad Air 2 also has excellent all-around performance. It is powered by the A8X - a chip with three billion transistors, and a tri-core CPU that is almost as fast as a PC, all apps you throw at it can run wonderfully. According to Apple, this processor is faster than the iPad Mini 4 and ipad Air, and it doesn't even seem slow compared to the more powerful iPad Pro right now.

What I like most about the iPad Air 2 is it’s perfect for entertainment for most users. It’s true that ipad pro is faster than iPad Air 2, but these high-performance models are not for everyone – that’s why Apple put the “pro” in the iPad Pro. As we mentioned above, it can be carried pretty easily in one hand for hours that you won’t feel uncomfortable. Even next travel, you can leave your MacBook home and take this iPad Air 2 as your primary computer, portable and very convenient.

Magazines and feature articles look good on its screen. Movies -- even letterboxed ones -- look sharp. Since Apple added an anti-reflective coating for the iPad Air 2. This new feature make it possible to use your tablet on a sunny day in the park or just in a room with awkward lighting, the screen manages to keep reflections to a minimum. This helps you enjoy reading content online or watching a movie more than ever before.

Now the iPad Air 2 can run IOS 9 perfectly, the multi-tasking feature in iOS 9 can be a compelling reason for us to buy the iPad Air 2. There are three different multitasking features that are available on the Air 2 : Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture. Split View is the best of them. This is a feature that allows you to run two apps side by side, in a split screen view so you can do something like researching a topic while reading a book, or writing a mail while also skimming through Twitter on the side, it makes for a lot more efficiency. Picture in Picture is also new to iOS 9, and it lets you watch videos or participate in FaceTime video calls while using other apps. 

The trend for people using their iPads to take photos and shoot video, doesn't seem to be going away. If taking photos on your iPad is also something you like to do, you’ll be very pleased to hear that the iPad Air 2 comes with an 8MP iSight camera. Using the iPad Air 2, you have a beautiful 9.7-inch display on which to work. This is handy for anyone, but especially useful for people harder of vision, and also for kids, who can take advantage of the iPad’s larger interface elements.

The Air 2’s thinner build means that the battery is a little smaller than before, so it’s very impressive Apple has managed to pack 10-hour battery life in this tiny package. The battery life of 10 hours includes web surfing, gaming, videos, music playing and more. You can use the iOS 9 battery-saving feature to extend that as needed, but I don't think battery life is that much of a worry for most tablet users. The battery life is good enough for daily use, and you won't have to recharge it as often as your phone.

There are other, more affordable options when it comes to tablets: lots of Android alternatives, Chromebooks and a fair bunch of full-fledged Windows 10 laptops, some as cheap as $200. The iPad doesn't match up as a budget pick, but it's still the king of tablets because of its decent specs. If you are considering to buy a new tablet with high-performance, but not too pricey, the iPad Air 2 is still a great option!