iPhone 6 Screen Protector, Tech Armor 3D Curved Edge Glass Apple iPhone 6S/iPhone 6 (4.7-inch) Screen Protector (Wht) [1-Pack] Tech Armor

$19.95 (FREE Shipping)
Color: 3D Glass (White)
  • Compatible with iPhone 6S / iPhone 6 (4.7 inch) by Apple [1 Pack]
  • WHAT IS 3D CURVED GLASS . Curved displays are stylish, but make preserving resale value challenging. Tech Armor has developed Curved Ballistic Glass, a unique product which wraps around your iPhone 6S/6 display for complete protection.
  • HOW DOES 3D CURVED GLASS WORK . Tech Armor 3D Curved Glass (.3mm) Screen Protectors use precision molded contouring to adhere with the iPhone 6S/6 display. Powerful adhesive binds to your device without compromising clarity or touch accuracy.
  • WHY BUY 3D CURVED GLASS . Where competitor solutions fall short, Tech Armor 3D Curved Edge Glass comes through. Our distinct molded glass design hugs your display for complete coverage. From scratches to high impact drops, you are protected.
  • No Bubble, easy install, and perfect fit. (PLEASE CONTINUE READING BELOW)
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