DIYCO D1 Elite Series Digital Tire Pressure Gauge | 5-150 PSI | Professional Grade DIYCO

$19.99 (FREE Shipping)
  • Realtime pressure reading with HOLD feature. Tire pressure gauge will hold the reading until relief button is press. Pressure display is in realtime.
  • Easily change air chuck - Our Patent Pending design lets you change air chucks with just bare hands. Compatible with all 1/4 NPT air chucks. Comes with one air chuck as shown.
  • Great for Vehicle with TPMS sensors - Get incredible accurate reading that only digital tire gauge can deliver. SPECS: Calibrated to ASME B40.7 Grade A +/-1% of Scale, Psi range 5-150 psi, Resolution 1/10 (.1 psi).
  • Digital tire pressure gauges provides the most accurate reading and widest pressure range. Either way digital tire pressure gauge is far more accurate than mechanical tire pressure gauge.
  • Lifetime warranty and batteries included. DIYCO digital air tire gauge is a must have tool for both professional and hobbyist.
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