tzumi nuckees – Phone Grip and Stand for Smartphones, Tablets, and Other Electronic Devices – Reusable and Magnetic Mount-Friendly Why Pop When You Can Click (Nuckeepoo in Orbit) Tzumi

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Color: Black Marble
  • Expressive, Practical Design: nuckees come in bold, colorful styles and are just as great for personal expression as they are a practical tool. Featuring SnugHug Technology, nuckees use a silicone Gore-Tex braid which secure lightweight plastic discs, stretching to comfortably fit any size hand or fingers and instantly snapping back flat against the phone when not in use. They also feature a magnetic locking mechanism so the nuckee lies flat against the back of the device until you need it.
  • Single-Handed Convenience: Place a nuckee or two on the back of a tablet and you'll be able to control and text singlehandedly like never before. While many phone stands are too bulky to hold comfortably, nuckees' SnugHug Technology offers fall-proof security from a natural position without straining hand muscles or causing discomfort of any kind. You'll even use less pressure on your screen while scrolling, ensuring a healthier overall device life and prolonged touchscreen sensitivity.
  • Dock Anywhere: nuckees act as a stand for effortless media viewing and video chatting, designed to fit everything from your smartphone to an E-Reader, tablet, or other larger portable device of any size. Each nuckee comes with 4 fixed angular options to hold your device steady and upright; they also feature a built-in metal plate, which can be fixed to the magnetic mount of your choice.
  • The Perfect Selfie: With nuckees anyone can confidently capture brilliant selfies from every angle, even upside-down. All you need are two fingers to hold - perfect for both adults and children, these nifty accessories deliver a comfortable custom-fit to all. Never trade hand cramps for great photos again.
  • The tzumi Promise - At tzumi, we are committed to providing you with the very best in consumer electronics products. We're convinced you will be more than happy with your nuckees, but if you are unsatisfied for any reason, please contact us directly so that we can be of assistance and make it right.
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